Best Mosquito Repellent India 2023

Sleeping peacefully is one of the most essential ways of healthy living. As the saying goes that you can survive without food and water for a few days but, lack of sleep can make you mentally crazy sometimes. Thus, you need a clean and hygienic environment free from mosquito and other insects. Mosquito can be a menace in your sleep environment. They constantly annoy you with the buzzing sounds and bite you just to see you suffer and struggle for a good night’s sleep. Mosquito repellents are a boon to keep mosquitoes at bay.mosquito repellent liquid

Other than creating irritability, they are also responsible to spread deadly viruses in humans. Only closing doors and windows won’t help as mosquito may have hidden in the corners of your house when you left it open. Perhaps, using a good quality mosquito repellent will help you to prevent mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases.

We have some recommended mosquito repellent brands that you can keep handy to drive mosquito away. The products are effective and most are safe on the skin too. These ointments are compact and can be easily carried for traveling purposes too. The products shared in this article can be ordered online or from your nearest store.

 List Of 6 Best Mosquito Repellents To keep Your Home Safe 

Liquid Mosquito Repellent by Mortein Insta 5

mosquito repellent machine

Mosquito refill liquid is highly effective and efficient in killing mosquito. As its name suggest to kills mosquitoes so fast ,it just take 5 minutes after plug in.These are harmless as they do not come in contact with skin, unlike other ointment-based repellents. The mosquito killer comes in liquid form and is strong enough to keep mosquito away. It is very easy to use and lasts for a longer time.mes  less electricity.

Mortein is a known brand in mosquito killing tools and their products enjoy good ratings in mosquito solutions. Mosquito repellents can be of different types. Ones that prevent mosquito to get any closer to you and others that kill mosquito with their strong odour. The repellent is known to give you 100% protection from dengue mosquito and similar deadly insects.It comes with a refill. Refill bottle can fit in any device.

Let’s also discuss some added features of the product.


  • Assured protection from mosquito.
  • Prevention of deadly diseases like dengue from mosquitoes.
  • Comes in a pack of 6 (inclusive of 2 free refill bottles).
  • Instant action in five minutes of using the liquid.
  • Fragrance and odor-free liquid.
  • Bottle liquid volume is 45 ml and the net quantity is 320 gm.
  • Comes in a transparent unbreakable plastic bottle.
  • Convenient and long-lasting with the electric heating machine.


  • The liquid is unscented and odour-free
  • Safe for kids, pets, and people prone to allergic reactions
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • The free bottles add up to the longevity in stock
  • The liquid is powerful enough to protect You
  • Cost-effective on the budget
  • It is a skin-friendly product


  • Can catch up dust and dirt easily making the liquid inefficient to work
  • Other products can be good alternative
  • Active mode does not work properly

Good Knight’s Gold Flash Mosquito Repellent Pack

electronic mosquito repellent

Good Knight mosquito repellent is one of the major brands in mosquito-killing tools. The pack contains an electric machine and 3 refills to stay longer with you.Each refill can last for minimum 45 days so this is the best ever combo that Good Night is providing for you.It is the best and most advance formulation  that Good Night offers you.The user-friendly pack helps you to start using the mosquito repellent in three easy steps:

  • Plug in the electric device with the electricity directly
  • Load the refill bottle, and
  • Switch it on to knock down mosquitoes instantly!

The auto-flash mode releases strong vapors for 30 minutes constantly and its effects last until four hours! Thus, the superior protection from mosquito helps you and your family with sound sleep. You don’t have to fear mosquito-borne viruses and diseases. Good Knight is one of the leaders in India offering a range of healthcare products.

Some more features of the product.


  • Per refill bottle contains 45 ml of vaporizer.
  • Each bottle is good enough to last for at least 45 nights long.
  • Flash mode to release vapors for stronger and more efficient results.
  • Normal mode to track down a few mosquitoes in the room.
  • A perfect combo of the electric machine and refill bottles for long-lasting action.


  • Long-lasting solution for killing mosquitoes.
  • Cost-effective formula to kill mosquitoes.
  • Switch between normal and flash mode as per required.
  • User-friendly product as it can be easily used.
  • Skin-friendly and safe around children and pets.
  • Superior protection to the entire family.
  • Encourages sound and healthy sleep patterns.
  • This products cause no harmful effects on the health.


  • Effects last for a limited period of time
  • In flash mode doesn’t last for longer

Ultra Mosquito Repellent Combi pack by All Out

mosquito repellent for babies

All out mosquito repellent comes in combi pack.The product package comes with 1 machine and 2 refill bottles giving you a long-lasting company to kill mosquito. It is manufactured in India and the company focuses majorly on mosquito-killing tools and solutions. The strong smell is powerful to knock mosquitoes down and give you a peaceful sleep throughout. With zero mosquitos resulting in the house, your guests can also safely enjoy the get-together and parties now with you.

The vapor is safe for kids so ypu can use this mosquito repellent for babies .It can be used anywhere in the room. Its solution is specially designed to kill dengue and malaria-causing mosquitoes. One refill bottle helps cover the entire room that is closed with windows and doors no matter the size of the room. Their All-Out electric device comes with power and a fan that helps to spread the vaporizer evenly in the room.

Some more features of the product.


  • Per refill bottle contains 40 ml of liquid repellent vapour.
  • The liquid is unscented and thus safe for kids and pets.
  • The mild aroma causes no harm to those allergic to strong fragrances and odors.
  • Available in different fragrances to choose from.

The total volume of the package is 270 ml to offer you long-term solution


  • A perfect and convenient solution to drive mosquito away
  • Instant solution to kill deadly mosquitoes
  • An economical pack of 6 to give you long-lasting results
  • It help you and your family enjoy peaceful nights with no more buzzing sounds
  • Available in different fragrances including natural oils too


  • The strong scent can sometimes be annoying

Neem Liquid Vaporizer Mosquito Repellent by Good Knight Naturals

  mosquito repellent organic

Good Knight is one of the most trusted brands in health care products. Thus, their products are safe to use and are environment-friendly too. Good Knight’s Neem Liquid consists of 100% natural active ingredients that give instant results in killing mosquito. For better results, you are advised to use the liquid with the Good Knight Naturals machine only.

The solution contains neem and eucalyptus oil to effectively ward off mosquitoes from the room. You don’t have to fear mosquito-borne diseases any longer. The package includes one plug-in electric machine and three Good Knight Naturals refills. Per refill lasts for up to 30 days and thus, the package gives you a three-month stock to last for long.

Some more features of the product.


  • Easy to assemble and easy to use the product.
  • Ideal for all room sizes.
  • Can be used in the kitchen, garden, lawn, balcony, drawing room, study room, pooja room, bathroom, and more…
  • Month-long protection with one refill bottle.
  • A complete solution to kill mosquitoes instantly.
  • A scent-free formula containing natural ingredients.
  • The natural ingredients also act like a room freshener leaving a fresh and light aroma in the room.


  • These are allergy-free and natural
  • Manufactured by a trusted brand of Godrej
  • Certified by Pediatrician and is considered safe for kids
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers you zero mosquito ,peaceful and undisturbed sleep
  • Neem is a natural ingredient so the room smelling fresh


  • The aroma could be stronger for pets and kids
  • Machine can turn hot with prolonged and non-stop usage
  • Bit Coster

DND’s Liquid Mosquito Repellent Refill with 50% Extra Power

mosquito repellent for home

No more annoying buzzing sounds and disturbed nights with DND Mosquito Repellent. You get fresh and natural fragrances throughout the day and night. DND brand is a direct do not disturb message to those notorious mosquitoes that disrupt your peace of mind. These come in plastic bottles and are properly sealed so that the liquid can smoothly flow through the electric machine.

The best part about these refills is that they can easily fit all electric mosquito machine types. Its strong formula helps prevent dengue and malaria away by killing carrier mosquitoes instantly. You have no further risks of any mosquito-borne diseases with this powerful liquid repellent by DND. Don’t be afraid to host parties and get-together as DND can make your house free from mosquitoes for a long time.

Also, take a look at the additional details and features of the product.


  • The package includes six refill liquid bottles.
  • Contains a 1.2 TFT formula with 50% more powerful than other vaporizing liquids.
  • Strong formula to keep diseases at bay and protect the entire family.
  • Each bottle contains 45 ml of liquid.
  • Stock lasts for a long to give you long time results.
  • Orange and violate plastic bottles to avoid accidental drop and breakage.
  • Safe packing and seal to avoid accidental spillage.


  • Cost-effective and reasonable compared to other brands
  • Helps you and your family to stay healthy and happy
  • Highly effective for indoors and outdoors
  • Can be safely used with kids and pets around
  • The refill is strong to reach even in the nook and corners
  • Fits to all machines


  • Harmful due to their strong scented formula
  • Other trusted brands that are more effective and safe
  • May not be recommended for those prone to allergies
  • It contains strong chemicals that could be harmful to health

Mangalam CamPure Mosquito Repellent with Camphor

camphor as mosquito repellent

Mangalam’s camphor-based mosquito repellents are all natural. These contain natural ingredients and do not leave behind harmful effects on skin and health. Thus, their products help your family breathe with comfort and sleep peacefully. The repellent offers you more than 200 hours of camphor power protection from deadly mosquitoes. You don’t have to worry any longer at night and face those disturbed sleep patterns. One repellent refill bottle can protect your entire room and everyone in the room.

The cartridge of the refill contains a strong wick for rapid release of active and natural ingredients to drive even the stubborn mosquito away. You can now track down the mosquitoes even from the hidden corners of your house. There are lots of other interesting features in Mangalam’s mosquito repellent vaporizer. We have shared a few highlights of the product for you to compare with others and take a decision accordingly.

Take a look at the additional details and features of the product…


  • Repellent contains natural camphor extracts from a pine tree.
  • The package contains 3 refills containing 45 ml of liquid in each bottle.
  • It fits most machines and can be used with other electric mosquito devices too.
  • Gives more than 200 hours of protection from mosquito.
  • Activation time is 5 minutes.
  • Instant protection from mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, and other skin infections.
  • Contains no toxic and harmful chemicals that can affect health.


  • 100% organic and thus there is no risk of hazardous chemical
  • Can be safely used with kids, pets
  • Gives you long-lasting protection from mosquito
  • Non-toxic for the environment and health
  • Made in India and thus the company enjoys credibility and trust


  • The product is pricier compared to other
  • The quantity of the refill bottles is lesser

What to look for While Buying the Best Mosquito Repellent?

Mosquito repellents take away all the disturbance of those nights that you have been facing due to mosquitoes’ presence in the house. Where most countries are facing Dengue and Malaria outbursts, it is natural to be fearful of their presence around. Fortunately, there are good brands of mosquito repellents take help you resolve this concern and keep your family protected from mosquito-borne diseases.neem oil as mosquito repellent

You must check out a few things before you come to the decision of buying  mosquito repellent for your family. In this article, we have researched and collected some of the most essential features to look for in an effective mosquito repellent. Keep these factors handy with you whenever you plan to buy a mosquito repellent. With oodles of options in the market, these pointers will help you to compare and choose the best for you and your family.Things to check before buying the best mosquito repellent-

  1. Active ingredients:

Active or natural ingredients make your repellents work safely in your house. Look for the list of ingredients that are active in your mosquito repellents. The more natural you pick the better for you and your loved ones. Few active chemical-based and natural ingredients to note are lemongrass, peppermint, citronella, DEET, geranium, etc… Check the label of the product that will have mentions of all the ingredients the repellent consists of.

  1. Look for oil-based:

Oil-based ingredients can be highly effective in killing even the most stubborn mosquitoes from the darker corners of the house. Oils like eucalyptus, neem oil, lavender, thyme oil, soybean oil, citronella, tea tree, and more are highly effective to prevent mosquito from entering the house or any nearer to you. Natural mosquito repellent oil help you create a fresh aroma in the house leaving safe inhalation.

  1. Skin-friendly:

If you are buying a mosquito repellent that comes in contact with skin, it would be wise to go for a skin-friendly repellent. Some repellents contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin allergies or other deadly infections on the skin. Thus, most people rely on repellent vapors that are considered safe than repellents in the form of cream, or ointments.

  1. Non-toxic:

Some manufacturers put strong chemicals in the mosquito repellent liquid. These chemicals can be highly toxic and can cause severe health side effects on inhalation. Check if your repellent doesn’t have toxic chemicals like Permethrin, DEET, etc… Although DEET is most active chemical present in the repellents, you must look for the percentage present in the vapor. Repellents with natural and non-toxic chemicals prevent itching, irritated skin, bacteria, and breathing problems.

  1. Trusted brand:

Choosing a trusted brand can be another wise decision. You must look for brands that enjoy good reviews and credibility in the market. Trusted brands are cautious of their products and they believe in user satisfaction to sustain brand trust. There are good manufacturers in the market that focus on effective and efficient mosquito repellents to drive mosquito away.

Some other factors to look for are the aroma, percentage of chemicals, compatible electric machine, and more… Choosing a safe product is ideal especially when you have elder citizens, kids, and pets around.

Mosquitoes are blood-sucking deadly insects that are highly attracted to human blood. They bite and inject the saliva into the skin, resulting in risks of dreadful mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika, etc… Thus, mosquito repellents are a must to drive away mosquitoes from your house and keep your family safe.

Mosquito repellents make life easy as you can carry them anywhere and anytime. You can also make repellents at home if you know the process well. You can check the process online and gather the ingredients essential for making a mosquito repellent at home. Those who do not have time to make a DIY repellent can pick the most branded one online.


As we all know and have experienced that mosquitoes are a huge annoyance and a risk too ,especially during summer and rainy season.They can destroy your peaceful life and outdoor gathering too.They can also transmit many dangerous diseases like dengue malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever and many more.To have a healthy and disease free life having a  best mosquito Repellent is very much necessary.

Mosquito repellent will not only help you to get rid of mosquitoes,but it will give you and your family a disease free life.Mosquito repellents have  graphite rod in the middle and there is a heater coil in the liquidators.When the chemical comes in contact with the heated rode,the rode turns the chemical into fume.The fume caused by the repellent block the chemo sensor of mosquitoes so they cannot recognize human beings.

There are many ways and methods to kill mosquitoes but mosquito repellent is the best and effective way to control mosquitoes.To keep your family safe the best way is to invest in a mosquito repellent .



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