Best Mosquito Bat In India 2023

Those buzzing sounds at night when you are craving for sound sleep after a long and tiring day can turn really annoying. Mosquitoes not only spread viruses and diseases, they are also a major reason for disturbed sleep patterns. A mosquito bat is a safe and risk-free solution to kill mosquito instantly.

At times when coils, incense, and repellents fail, mosquito bats work the best as an instant solution to kill mosquito as compared to other mosquito killing tools like mosquito repellent,mosquito killer lamp,and many more. These bats are electric and thus, it keeps you away from toxic liquid smells and odour.  You will find great variety of electric mosquito bats to choose from. Although, the ultimate objective of these bats is to kill mosquitoes with other basic features, there are manufacturers who give added and unique features too! For instance, some bats work longer on full charge whereas some need to be charged frequently.

In this article, we shall discuss how to choose the best mosquito bat along with some good recommendations as per the other satisfied users. Before we proceed to the core topic, we suggest you to take a quick check on why people prefer to use mosquito bats over other mosquito killing tools…

Reasons why people prefer mosquito bats over other mosquito prevention tools:

  • Mosquito bats are chemical-free.
  • These do not release any toxic odour in the air.
  • Mosquito killer bats do have risks of skin allergies and other side effects.
  • Quick and instant action to kill annoying mosquitoes and other bugs.
  • Cost-effective solution to drive mosquito away.

Let’s proceed to the most recommended mosquito bats as discussed and suggested by other users. You can keep this article handy when you think of picking a mosquito killer bat for your house. The products shared in this article are easily available online.

List of 6 Best Mosquito Bat in India

 HIT  Mosquito bat with LED Lightbest mosquito bat brands in india

For those annoying mosquitoes that have taken away your peace of mind in bed, this is the best answer to them! HIT enjoys great credibility in the world of mosquito killing tools and their mosquito rackets are one of the most recommended products.

Hit is the top selling and most trusted company. Thus, HIT enjoys a great demand in mosquito rackets. Manufactured by Godrej, the rackets are rated to be effective in killing mosquitoes instantly. Their battery life is highly durable compared to other competitive brands and so you don’t have to charge HIT bats frequently. One full charge lasts for up to 1 month. Check out some key features of the product.


  • Made of durable ABS plastic to avoid easy wear and tear.
  • Hit Mosquito bat warranty last for six months.
  • A red indicator for charging.
  • Larger battery life that lasts for up to 1 month.
  • These are made of high quality aircraft ABS grade plastic.
  • Inbuilt LED light to track mosquitoes in dark and hunt them down.
  • HIT mosquito bat battery voltage is 3500 DV  that kills mosquitoes instantly giving you immediate actions.
  • Comes with a warrant card. You will get 6 months warranty.You have to fill the warranty card within 10 days of a purchase.

*Don’t miss to check the various combo offers available on the site.



  • Highly risky for children and pets around
  • Accidental touch can cause electric shock
  • Be careful of keeping the bat away from water
  • Need to keep it at a good distance from other flammable gases and liquids.

Mosquito Killer Racket by Weird Wolfmosquito bat cost

Weird Wolf offers a wide range of mosquito killing bats. These are built of acrylonitrile  butadiene  styrene (ABS) plastic material. It works of electricity and you can charge it with support of a detachable cable provided with the product. Their mosquito bats have a powerful battery life that comes with 3 months warranty by the manufacturer.The guidelines for Warranty is mentioned in the given warranty card. You can easily claim the warranty online with a free registration process.

The manufacturer also has a customer support helpline to resolve your queries and concerns online. The battery life offers you 1 month of standby time. These features make the product highly competitive with other leading brands in mosquito killing solutions.

Check out some key features of the product.


  • Available in blue and white color
  • Easy and convenient to use for its simple design.
  • Bright inbuilt light to track mosquitoes.
  • Detachable cable for re-charging the mosquito bat.
  • The dimensions of the bat in L x W x H are 49 x 22 x 1.8 cm respectively.
  • 500 mAh battery to give you longer power backup.Battery can be last for minimum one month.
  • Made with ABS plastic which makes it more durable.


  • It has a bigger and brighter light compared other
  • This helps to find out hidden mosquitoes and kill them instantly
  • Available in multiple colors to pick as per your choice
  • Time-saving registration process to give you 3 month warranty
  • Light in weight and easy to carry for travel journeys too
  • The ABS plastic makes the product durable and prevents damages
  • Sturdiness is awesome


  • The red charging button doesn’t switch off  automatically
  • It still needs regular recharging on frequent usage
  • The warranty life of this racket is less
  • Battery hardly last for three hours
  • A bit expensive

Mosquito Killing Zapper Racket by Hunter Brandmosquito bat made in india

Hunter has manufactured convenient to use mosquito rackets. These come with a red light on the side of the handle to show charging. The wire mesh is so strong that the mosquitoes are instantly dead as soon as they get any closer to the mesh. The bats are rechargeable giving you a longer battery life similar to other leading brands.

These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The light-weight rackets can be carried anywhere easily in travel journeys too. Mosquito racket by Hunter are made of good quality plastic body to accompany you in mosquito prevention for long.Few more features make it unique and special that makes it a good choice.

Check out some key features of the product.


  • Six and half layers of net to prevent accidental touch and shock.
  • Tactile button on the side of the bracket for easy usage and convenience.
  • Sturdy and durable plastic body.
  • Helps in instantly killing mosquitoes, flies, and other pests in one single swing.
  • The dimensions of the product in L x W x H are 54.3 x 21.7 x 4.1 cm approximately.
  • The item weight is 4100 grams.


  • Being manufactured in India by Bajaj electronics
  • It has positive ratings
  • Very simple and easy to use by just holding the key
  • The added layers of protection make it safer to
  • Its light weight body helps you to carry
  • Strong battery life makes it a good companion


  • Pricier than the other products
  • The battery life of the racket is lesser in comparison
  • Scary for children around
  • The spark released due to high voltage

USB Charging Mosquito Killer Racket by Vidhi World

rechargeable mosquito bat One fact that makes this mosquito killer bat unique is its USB charging. Vidhi World is a registered company that specializes in various home appliances other than mosquito killing rackets. The manufacturer has beautifully designed the product making it look pretty and convenient to use at the same time.

It is also referred to as Fly Swatter by the company. Another interesting fact is its removable Li-ion battery that makes it convenient to carry anytime and anywhere. It is as powerful as is efficient, it offers which have 10,000  zaps on a single charge. You can plug it to any plug for charging. You don’t have to find a charging port to recharge it. Many other interesting features make it a good choice among the list of mosquito rackets.It has even a third layer safety mesh to give you an extra protection.

Check out some key features of the product.


  • Safe USB charging to avoid electric shock
  • Removable battery for added convenience and usage.
  • UV Light mode as added support to kill mosquito in dark places.
  • All India warranty and customer care.
  • The dimensions of the product in L x W x H are 52 x 22 x 4 cm.
  • Base stand for auto charging mode.
  • Item weight is 450 gm
  • Designed for the most powerful insect control.
  • Instantly remove mosquitoes in a single swing.


  • Can be safely used indoors and outdoors
  • portable to carry anywhere and anytime.
  • Appealing design and attractive colors
  • give constant red light on charging, the racket shows full charged indicator
  • Can be easily charged with a power bank, USB hub, laptop, mobile phone, etc
  • The 1200 mAh battery life works better
  • Ideal to kill insects including flies, bugs, and other similar insects


  • The country of origin is missing
  • Sound of the light is very strong and noisy
  • sound doesn’t stop if a mosquito is stuck in the net

Rechargeable Mosquito Rackets by Mr. Right

mosquito bat with lithium battery

Mosquito rackets by Mr. Right are one of the most demanded by users in India. They are also amongest the top-rated mosquito racket manufacturers. Their classic design helps to kill mosquito instantly and save you from mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, and more…

Mosquitoes can wander anywhere in the house indoors and outdoors. Thus, it is essential to have an effective mosquito killing tool near you all the time. Mosquito rackets are portable tools to kill mosquitoes instantly.

The high-powered mosquito bats by Mr. Right keeps your loved ones including your pet safe offering you sound sleep.This product comes with 6 months of warranty with free pick up and drop.If it get any physical damage , water damage or any dent in the net ,it will not be covered in warranty.

Let us help you know few more features that the company has designed for their mosquito rackets…


  • Made of strong grade plastic
  • Light and durable product
  • Good grip to hold the bat
  • Kills flying insects and mosquitoes
  • Easy to use, maintain, and clean
  • Comes with triple layer mechanism to avoid shock due to high voltage
  • Six month warranty by the manufacturer
  • Long lasting battery life
  • The item weight is 300 gm
  • Dimensions of the racket in L x W x H are 48 x 22 x 3 cms.


  • The long lasting battery saves you from the pain of charging
  • The triple layer voltage protection saves from accidental touch and electric shock
  • You can carry it with ease and comfort even on your travel
  • Its inbuilt wall charger helps you to organize space without wires
  • The strong plastic prevents the rackets from damage
  • It is economical cheaper


  • The inbuilt charging socket can sometimes lead to accidental fall
  • There are other trusted brands that can make a wiser choice

Best Range Mosquito Bat by Pick Your Needs

best mosquito bat online

These mosquito killer bats by Pick Your Needs are all that you need for immediate pest control solution. The bat is great to help you catch flies and kill them instantly. You can even kill the other flies, bugs, and mosquitoes of similar or smaller size with the mosquito killer bat.

The high voltage grid is covered well to add safety for humans and pets. The product comes with an AC charging cable which makes it convenient to charge and portable to carry anywhere. The product also enjoys average ratings for its battery life, cost, and durability by other users.

Let’s also discuss some added features of the mosquito bats by Pick Your Needs.


  • Easy to use fly swatter to catch insects, bugs, and flies.
  • Stainless steel and aluminium plating with multiple layers to avoid shock risks.
  • Comes with an inbuilt LED torch light to track mosquitoes even in dark.
  • Available in blue and white color combination.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery system to save space and time.
  • Can be safely used in kitchen, drawing room, bedroom, garbage area, bathroom, deck, patio, and garden area.
  • Easy to carry and travel for outdoor safety from mosquito.


  • The high voltage electric mosquito swatter effectively kills the mosquitoes
  • These bats are less messy and easy to maintain
  • No smellier environment from coils and incense to kill mosquitoes
  • It has long battery life
  • It is consist of three layer mesh
  • Bright LED light to find mosquito easily


  • No wireless charging
  • It is a high voltage racket so keep children away
  • User have given low rating for durability
  • Prone to risks if in contact with gas or harmful liquids

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Bat?

Electric Mosquito bats are one of the safest and quickest solutions to kill mosquitoes and prevent them from coming nearer to you. These not only keep your house safe from mosquitoes, but also assure you sound sleep. Another major advantage of investing in a mosquito bat is it doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals and unpleasant odor.

You will find amazing varieties of mosquito bats in the market or online. mosquito bat under 200 Choosing the right and perfect mosquito bat for your needs can be challenging considering the options available. You must look for features to pick the one most similar to your requirements. Check the price of mosquito bat,Mosquito bat capacitor value ,warranty of the bat etc.This guide will help you check some unique features that you can look for while choosing a mosquito bat. Keep this article handy for anyone who needs your support in buying a mosquito killer bat.

What to Check when Buying the Mosquito Bat?

  1. Check the product quality:

Product quality plays an important role in selecting a mosquito bat. You must choose a sturdy material if your priority is durability for the bat. A mosquito bat must be a long time investment and so you must choose mosquito killer bats that are made up of high quality plastic. Branded and reputed manufacturers choose ABS (Aircraft grade) durable plastic. They also offer long warranty period on product quality.

  1. Battery life and battery type:

Another feature to look for is battery life. Products that run on batteries must have long lasting battery life. Mosquito bats may come with different types of batteries such as lithium-ion and lead-acid battery. The voltage capacity and weight of the bat may vary as per the battery used. A higher voltage and reusable or rechargeable battery can work longer. Rechargeable batteries mosquito bats with higher voltage work for long and prevent frequent recharges.

  1. Inbuilt light or torch:

Mosquitoes are difficult to track down especially in dark corners. Bats that come with inbuilt LED light or torch help in tracing mosquitoes even when the lights are out. Inbuilt light comes in handy and is always better than carrying a separate light with the bat. Check if the manufacturer offers you this feature in your preferred mosquito bat.

  1. Warranty on the product:

Warranty plays an important role while selecting a mosquito killer bat. It is obvious that we cannot disturb our budget by investing in mosquito bats frequently. Choose a mosquito bat that offers at least 6 months warranty on the quality and defects. Warranty also helps in repair or replacement (if any). Selected reputed brands in India offer a warranty of up to 12 months too on their mosquito bats!mosquito bat charging time

  1. Mosquito bat weight:

A lightweight mosquito bat makes is convenient to carry in luggage. This will assure you no compromise on sleep patterns even during travel. Ointments last for a limited time and so you need a sturdy and lightweight mosquito bat. Check and compare the weight of mosquito bats available online before you make the final decision. Also ensure that you do not compromise on its sturdiness.

FAQ’s About Mosquito Killer Bat.  

Which is the best selling mosquito bat brand ?

According to the users and the reviews the best selling mosquito killer bat brands are Hit, Weird Wolf and Mr. Right .These are the top  selling mosquito bat brands with best reviews.  

How does a mosquito bat work?

You can activate the mosquito bat by holding the key. The grid of the device is electrically charged and the current flows in the wires of mosquito net and when fly comes near the net the high voltage current will burn it.

How long will the battery of the  mosquito bat will remain?

It absolutely depends on the brand and the quality of the product. Better will be the product definitely higher will be the life of battery. If we are using it constantly then it will last for 3 hours .But no one needs to use it constantly.

Is it possible to repair the mosquito bat?

Mosquito killer bat is quite affordable, it’s not very costly .So repairing a mosquito bat will absolutely same as buying a new one. So it’s better to buy the new one instead of repairing it.


We hope this mosquito buying guide will help you pick the the best mosquito bat for you and your family. The above mentioned are some of the basic yet essential features to help you make a wise choice. There are also other features to look for such as charging indicator, LED light, mesh quality and material, brand credibility, and more… You may visit the online store and compare the preferred mosquito bats with each other.

Our recommended products are also picked after a lot of research and comparison. Thus, you may choose the relevant one from our recommended list too. Remember, this is a long term one time investment until your bat gives up on you and thus, you need to check all the relevant details before picking the mosquito racket. You must also choose something that is safe for your kids and pets. If there is any confusion or query that you have in mind, get it cleared with the manufacturer or retailer online.


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