Best Mosquito Spray For Home 2023

Mosquito make your life havoc especially when you have to live in a mosquito-prone zone. Don’t take any chance of neglecting their presence around you or they can leave you with deadly viruses and diseases. Perhaps, keeping a good mosquito spray handy can work a long way to keep you safe from mosquito bites. Don’t just go by the rosy images and flashy ads of big brands; you need to find something that resolves your mosquito concerns without affecting your budget.mosquito spray machine

Many companies offer you mosquito sprays that do not give you longevity to protect you from deadly mosquitoes. Make sure you are aware of what you are choosing in the category Good quality mosquito sprays can also protect you from acute health side-effects post usage. Certain side-effects of mosquito sprays include;

  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Sneezing
  • Dizziness
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Weakness and more are some issues that people express from mosquito bites

Other than the above concerns, there are more side effects to cheap quality mosquito sprays that can be life-threatening. Disorientation, coma, seizures, chills, unconsciousness and death are some concerns to think about as well. Thus, you have to be careful and wise in selecting the right brand for you and your family to drive mosquito away.

Not just bug bites; the other types of insects also won’t think of touching you by using good quality mosquito sprays. You need to find something that keeps the mosquitoes at bay.

In this article, we shall majorly focus on the different topics related to mosquito sprays. You can also, consider this article for tips and guidance on buying the best mosquito spray for your daily needs. We shall also discuss how to can evaluate and compare some leading brands to make a better choice.

Our Experts Pulled Together A List Of  6 Mosquito Spray for Home

Mosquito Killer by DND Nanosolanti mosquito spray

Nanosol is a known brand in the world of mosquito sprays and repellents. Their sprays offer you longer results and help you stay protected from mosquitoes for a long time. The formula is also helpful to drive other types of bugs and insects away. Nanosol mosquito sprays come in a stylish can that you can carry on your travel journeys too.

The brand has taken pride in being one of the quickest mosquito killer on the market. The fragrance is pleasant and doesn’t irritate you or give you difficulty in breathing. Their sprays are known to drive mosquito out from dusk to dawn.

Check out some key features of the product.


  • 12-hour protection from germs and mosquitoes.
  • It has a metered spray system; you just have to spray four times and the effect will start taking place.
  • Sleek looks and stylish cans for a mosquito spray.
  • Instant mosquito killer.
  • Comes in a 60 ml can for easy carrying and convenience.


  • These are easy to use and easy to carry
  • They help in killing mosquitoes instantly
  • Offer you 12 hours of further protection
  • The spray has a nice fragrance
  • • It is a cost-effective solution


  • it cannot be recommended to people prone to allergies
  • One pack is coster than buying two packs

Insect Killing Spray by HIT   outdoor mosquito spray

HIT  mosquito spray has been one of the leaders in mosquito-killing tools and solutions. Its sprays are ruling the market with increasing users. If you compare it with other competitive brands, HIT’s mosquito sprays are 65% more effective as a mosquito killer. This is the best mosquito spray for home . It will kill mosquitoes instantly.You can enjoy complete protection from deadly diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, and Zika…

The formula designed for HIT is effective to protect people of different ages leaving no side effects on children and elder citizens. However, it is always wise to stay out of the room for a few minutes after spraying the HIT mosquito-killing formula. It helps to keep away from any kind of strong smell that could be unhealthy to some people who are not used to strong traces.

Check out some features of the product.


  • Complete protection from mosquitos.
  • The HIT sprays are available in different sizes. You may buy these in 200ml, 320ml, 400ml, 625ml, and 700ml.
  • Comes with a pleasant lime fragrance.
  • Offers a complete mosquito-free solution to family and house.
  • Kills mosquitos, buses, and flies instantly.


  • Available in different sizes
  • To keep this during traveling is easier and more convenient
  • Keeps your house protected from mosquitoes for a long.
  • HIT helps you prevent dreadful mosquito-borne viruses
  • The lime fragrance keeps your house fresh and positive all time
  • It is the most effective instant mosquito-killing solutions


  • Not an effective solution to kill or prevent other insects
  • Cost is higher
  • Leaves a strong smell that is unhealthy
  • The strong smell can lead to breathlessness

Mosquito and Cockroach Killing Sprays by Morteinmosquito spray chemical

It kill mosquitoes and cockroaches with this instant formula by Mortein. It contains lemon fragrance to make your house smell fresh all the time. You don’t need to use another room freshener as its aroma works equally effectively along with mosquito killing. For effective results;

  • spray behind the curtains
  • around the wall corners
  • under the sink areas
  • and under the furniture area of your house

It doesn’t matter which corner of the country you reside in; mosquitoes are capable to find ways as they are present all around the world. Thus, you need a stronger and more effective mosquito killer like Mortein mosquito spray to keep your house protected from mosquitoes all the time.

Here some of key features of the product.              


  • Ideal to kill mosquitoes and cockroaches.
  • Extended nozzles to reach difficult corners.
  • The formula works 2 times faster.
  • Available in different quantities to cater to your requirement.
  • Comes in lemon fragrance.


  • It targets mosquito and other flying insects too
  • The attached nozzle helps you to reach corners
  • It prevents risks of mosquito-borne diseases and other unhygienic conditions
  • Comes in lemon fragrance


  • The scent is not appealing if you are looking for a double action
  • It doesn’t guarantee to kill lizards and similar larger insects

Smart Spray Insect Killer by Good Knightgarden mosquito spray

Good Knight’s  mosquito  spray insect killer is a great answer to those nasty little creatures lurking everywhere to suck blood. The cute little spray bottle comes in handy even when you have to carry it for travel. The no gas and only liquid formula offers effective results for a long time. The mild fragrance leaves no bad odor in your room. The product comes sealed and thus the liquid inside the bottle is leak-proof.

The spray comes in a 150 gm. bottle so that you can carry it in your travel kit or keep it in your car. Good Knight Smart Spray insect killer gives you instant results and keeps you protected from mosquito for up to 8 hours! Many other features make Good Knight Smart Spray distinct from others. It would also be great to check the reviews on the site to check other users’ experiences as well.

Let’s also check out some more features of the product.


  • 8-hour total protection from mosquito and similar insects.
  • One bottle of Good Knight Smart Spray contains more than 700 sprays.
  • Attached nozzle for easy usage in various corners of the room.
  • Protection from all types of mosquito-borne viruses and diseases.
  • Drives away flies, mosquitoes, and bugs of different types instantly.


  • Protection for a longer duration
  • The pleasant fragrance keeps the room fresh
  • The small bottle comes in handy for traveling
  • The no gas formula


  • Some users have expressed an unpleasant experience with its smell
  • The small bottle is pricier in comparison.
  • Choose from the verified platform

Herbal Mosquito Repellent Sprays by Bodyguard mosquito spray for body

Bodyguard is a known brand in the world of herbal and natural mosquito repellents. It enjoys good reviews and demand for its natural and herbal products to drive mosquito away. Their mosquito tools are available in form of sprays, bands, and patches. The mosquito repellent spray contains a fresh scent of lemongrass leaving your home to smell good all day long.

Other natural ingredients include Aloe Vera and other essential oils to make it skin-safe and environment-friendly. The spray comes in oil form and can be safely used on different corners of the house. Due to its natural properties, you can safely use it on the skin as well.

Let’s check out a few other key features of the product.


  • Bodyguard Mosquito Repellent contains aloe Vera, essential oils like Citronella oil, and lemongrass.
  • The quantity of the spray oil is 100 ml.
  • The spray effect lasts for up to 8 hours.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals.
  • The product is safe for kids and elders.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Available in a pack of 1, 2, and 3


  • It is safe and can be applied to the skin
  • It works two ways as a repellent for skin and as a spray for the house
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • The lemongrass scent acts like a room freshener too
  • Good for those who have allergies


  • It is only effective for up to 8 hours
  • It cannot be applied to pets
  • It is a moderately effective mosquito repellent

Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray by Dabur herbal mosquito spray

Dabur is one of the leading brands in India. It has gained good popularity in the overseas market too for its mosquito repellents. Odomos enjoys a great demand for its effective results and quick actions to drive mosquito away. One unique feature of the product is that Dabur Odomos doesn’t kill mosquito; it makes your body odor virtually invisible to mosquitoes.

Odomos mosquito repellents offer you 12 hours of protection from mosquito. It is a longer time frame compared to other competitive brands in the market. Another good thing about Dabur Odomos is that it is kid-friendly.

Thus, it can be applied anytime, anywhere, and on anyone regardless of age. Do not restrict your child’s childhood by making them stay indoors in the fear of mosquitoes. These creatures love to roam around anywhere from outdoors to indoors.

Some unique key features of the product that makes it enjoy a great demand:


  • Odomos is a tested product and can be safely applied to the skin.
  • The product is certified by Pediatricians as infant and child-friendly.
  • Offers you 8 to 12 hours of protection from mosquitoes.
  • Comes in a 100 ml spray bottle.
  • Pleasant fragrance to avoid allergies and irritation.


  • It contains Ayurveda products
  • Come in form of oil, spray, gel, patches, and ointment
  • Can be used anywhere like a playground, school, college, office, travel
  • Pocket-friendly bottle
  • It is a non-sticky repellent


  • The product is not as effective as other products
  • It cannot be applied to the face

What to look for While Buying the Anti Mosquito Spray for Home?

Mosquito can create a menace in life with their presence. They usually roam in unhygienic places and they carry innumerable viruses that are a threat to the human race. Mosquito love to target humans and they can hunt them no matter where they stay. It is essential to keep the house indoors and outdoors protected from mosquitoes.

Other than the mosquito bites and contagious viruses, those constant buzzing sounds make it more annoying for a peaceful sleep. Thus, you need something that keeps these nagging creatures far from you and your family. A healthy sleep pattern makes for a healthy lifestyle and living.mosquito spray for garden india

Buying mosquito-killing tools are an investment; you need to be sure of what you are buying to make it worth the use. A mosquito repellent or spray price is not much and it must give you effective results.

Before buying the spray for home you need to check  the below given points.

  1. Check the brand history:

It would be wise to know what brand of mosquito spray you are buying. Some brands enjoy great credibility due to their stronghold in the market. Look for a trusted brand that offers you safe and natural mosquito sprays. The objective is to kill the mosquito instead of falling sick themselves.

  1. Learn about the manufacturer:

A trusted brand means the manufacturer is a known company. A company that focuses only on mosquito repellents and tools is experienced in the environment. They know the conditions and severity of diseases that mosquitoes can spread to humans. Thus, such companies make a deep research on ingredients to give their buyers desired results for mosquito protection.

  1. Read the ingredients:

Check the ingredients of mosquito sprays. If the spray contains strong chemicals or substances to drive mosquito away, they could be harmful on human presence too. It is no doubt that such strong sprays give instant results in killing mosquito, however; these sprays can be bad for human breathing as well.

  1. Choose a safe and natural mosquito spray:

There are plentiful mosquito sprays in the market that are made of natural oils and ingredients. You must look for those as these are safe for humans too. If you live in a family of kids and pets, it is highly essential that you use choose an environmentally safe and skin-friendly mosquito spray that protects you from any kind of side effects. Some natural ingredients used in mosquito sprays are eucalyptus oil, neem (Indian lilac), lemongrass, aloe Vera, lavender, thyme, lemon, tea tree oil, citronella oil, and more…

  1. Beware of allergies:

Find out mosquito sprays that do not cause any allergic reactions on your skin. Some people are allergic to certain fragrances. Children and pets would not be able to explain the allergy caused to them. Thus, you have to be careful in choosing mosquito sprays that do not have a strong fragrance or odor.

Benefits Of Using Mosquito Spray .

Instant Quick Fix for Mosquito

The mosquito spray contains (DEET ,Picardin) concentrated chemical that are perfectly effective to control and destroy mosquitoes .Spray it in the area when blood sucking mosquitoes are .It will instantly kill them and protect you from mosquitoes and deadly diseases which mosquitoes spread.

Protect you from many deadly diseases.

Mosquitoes are famous to spread deadly viruses like Malaria, Yellow fever, Dengue and many more. So mosquito spray will help you to get rid of mosquitoes and as well as all from all these diseases too. If all these diseases left untreated can become fatal. So the mosquito spray is the immediate answer that can eliminate mosquitoes that are annoying you.

Better solution as compared to other forms

Most of the time many people are allergic to some kind of mosquito repellents like creams, gels .They may face skin problems like redness, rashes. So spray is the better solution for safer use.


Most of the mosquito spray in India comes in different scents like hibiscus, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary etc. So the mosquito spray not only kill the mosquito but also makes your room smell fresh. You should but the one which can work as a mosquito killer as well as freshen up your room.

FAQ’s About Mosquito Spray For Home 

1.Can we use mosquito spray while pregnancy?

Avoid using mosquito spray while you are pregnant.Because t have a strong odour with which you can have any allergic reaction.To get rid of mosquitoes you can use other kind of mosquito repellents that are safe for you like mosquito killer machine,Mosquito killer lamp.

 2.Can we  spray mosquito repellents near pets?

Absolutely not, It is very toxic for pets.make sure that while you are spraying in any room there should not be any pet.

 3.How to dispose a Mosquito Repellent spray container?

You must dispose it properly in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and to avoid its miss use the container should be broken after use.

 4.What to do if someone accidentally get sprayed?

If someone get sprayed accidentally take off all the contaminated things from your body and wash your skin.If you get sprayed in your eyes ,must flush your eyes atleast for 15 min. Get a medical help as soon as possible if you are having any symptoms of poisoning.

5.How long should I wait after Spraying a mosquito repellent?

After spraying a mosquito repellent wait for 10-15 minutes to enter the room .Because  till that time odour of the spray will escape and you will be safe  there.

 Final Words:

More than 300 species of mosquitoes exist in the world. It poses a great concern for humans and so it is essential to keep your environment free from them. Mosquitoes can cause deadly viruses in humans and there is no vaccine for the same. All you can do is take prevention. Find out some of the best mosquito spray brands online and choose a trusted seller to keep your home and family protected from them.

Other than using mosquito sprays, you must also take general steps of hygiene and follow a healthy lifestyle to stay in a clean environment. We hope you found our article on choosing the right mosquito spray informative.






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