Dengue Mosquito Bite Time in India

Dengue bites can be confused with a normal mosquito bite. It is one of these reasons why most dengue cases are reported when they reach the upper and more difficult stage for treatment. Most of us are aware that dengue doesn’t have a vaccine yet and there is no medication to prevent dengue. However, there are ways you can save yourself from the risks of dengue.

These ways may sound generic and common, but they can work a long way in saving you from several types of mosquito bites. You must take all precautions, especially during the daytime and monsoon time. With the dengue cases rising one cannot expect those golden times of rain dancing and hops in muddy waters. Precaution are very much necessary so try to use mosquito mesh for windows  and doors.At the same time, careless attitude or negligence can result in slow recovery from dengue. In worse cases, dengue could not be treated and can be a life-threatening disease.

Why dengue is hyped so much?

Dengue is a fever that has been rising all across the globe. Due to its increasing number of patients and restrictions in treatment by scientists and doctors, the virus is considered a threat. Most of us kno

w that dengue is a mosquito-borne virus that is transmitted to humans by mosquito. The risk of dengue is not restricted to specific places; it can be anywhere inside the house, office premises, cafeteria, restrooms, car parking, outdoor area, and more…

Another concerning fact related to the dengue virus is the age limit. Dengue mosquito do not fall for any age limitations and can bite any person regardless of age or gender. Mosquito can bite animals too and contaminate their blood as well. However, they transmit other serious viruses like West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and Systemic Lupus. Thus, you will have to keep your house protected for your pets too.

dengue mosquito bite mark

Dengue Mosquito Bite Time:

Dengue mosquitoes are also known to be highly active during day time two hours after the sunrise and seven hours before sun set is the golden time for dengue mosquito bite. These mosquitoes are known to hide in dark places and come out in the daylight to hunt humans down. They lay their eggs near still water. A few examples of still water include sink area, garden area, park area, car wash area, and more…

Dengue-carrying mosquitoes are usually female mosquito. These are also known as Aedes Aegypti female mosquitoes. These breed in fresh water, dirty water, and still water. To discuss the actual mosquito bite timing, the most active time is about 2 hours post sunrise and a few hours before sunset. However, it doesn’t mean that they won’t bite at night time. The dengue-carrying mosquito can bite you at night in well-lit corners too.

The Science behind Dengue Bite Time:

If we study deeper on the bite time of dengue mosquito, we would notice that Aedes Aegypti have a diurnal rhythm that they follow during day and night. They also have a pattern to feed at dawn and dusk. Some studies have observed the science behind this pattern. Once these mosquitoes are done feasting on human blood, they prefer to rest in darker areas. It is the time when they are less active and tired. However, light and temperature seem to change their feeding pattern. Similarly, if there is artificial light and temperature in the room that mimics the natural light, it can change their feeding behavior.

If we follow the science as explained above, it will be difficult to track the actual bite time of dengue mosquito. You must remember that this pattern can make most places riskier for dengue. Brightly lit areas such as offices, auditoriums, stadiums, malls, supermarkets, and similar places that are well-lit throughout the day and night are known to be the highest at risk.

Where does the dengue mosquito bite?

The dengue mosquito usually prefer to attack from behind. They are highly attracted to biting ankles and elbows. If you have to identify between a dengue bite and other bites, then you must pay close attention to the bite mark. Dengue bites are dark red compared to other normal mosquito bites. These are also itchier compared to others.

Researchers have also confirmed that only a single bite of the dengue mosquito is enough to transmit the virus inside the body. Thus, these

little vampires are bloodthirsty and target their host well. You must take all the respective actions to ensure dengue mosquito do not get any closer to you and your loved ones.


how does dengue mosquito look like


How to Prevent Dengue Mosquito?

Monsoons can be worse for humans and best for mosquito to spread dengue. It is one of the riskiest seasons for viral diseases, infections, and bacteria. Most hospitals have encountered major Dengue cases in monsoons.Let let any water colleceted nearby.Always use mosquito repellents handy .Use mosquito repellent spray for instant result.

Let’s discuss a few important ways you can prevent these mosquito from feasting on you:

  • Clear off any standing water that you see in your residential or commercial space. You must keep the areas dry that are commonly known for laying mosquito eggs.
  • Always keep the bird feeder, water containers, fountain, and pet utensils dry. Do not leave any water still for long. Feed fresh water to birds and animals always. Replace the water every few hours or every day.
  • Keep mosquito prevention tools handy with you. Mosquito repellents, sprays, coils, nets, and mosquito killer lamps must be always there in the area where you spend the most time.
  • Keep your body and room covered especially during monsoons. The windows and doors must be kept closed or always covered with a mosquito net.
  • Eat healthy food and avoid street or junk food as that weakens your immune system to fight back viruses and diseases.
  • Sanitize your house regularly and keep yourself protected by all the means you can from dengue.

Dengue has proven to be fatal, especially during COVID times. Thus, you must be careful all the time regardless of whether you are at home, work, or traveling. Every disease worsens on ignorance. You must never ignore even a small mosquito bite and apply the respective medication to treat it on time. If there is any unusual bite mark or health concern immediately contact a medical expert and get it resolved.





Dengue Mosquito Bite Time in India

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