How Mosquito Find Us ? To Target

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous rise in mosquito bite cases. The number of dengue cases has also risen in several countries. One major reason for this is erratic monsoons and climatic changes. Although we do not have vaccines for worse mosquito bites and reactions like Dengue, you can track their spots and stay away from them.

Mosquitoes especially the dengue carriers are highly active in the daytime. They are also likely to spread the infection during the daytime. If you consider the exact timings of their wandering, they are most active for 2 hours at sunrise and a few hours after sunset. These nasty creatures find places to hide in the dark but come out in the daylight to bite you.

Why do mosquito hog human blood?

Mosquito survive on human blood. Thus, they track the humans down and find the right time to suck blood. As per several types of research, mosquito find us in various ways. Differentiating between a normal mosquito bite and a dengue bite could be difficult. Mainly, the female mosquito bite humans and animals to enjoy a bloody meal. how mosquito born

There are reasons why female mosquito hog human blood. Female mosquito cannot produce eggs without blood. On the other side, male mosquito do not bite people and animals. Understanding why mosquito get attracted to humans for biting would be wise. Thus, you can say that mosquito suck human blood for their reproduction.

What attracts mosquito and how mosquito find us?

Several factors make a win-win situation for mosquito to find humans and get excited to bite them. Let’s discuss some more common ones to understand the reasons for mosquito bites.

  1. Emission of carbon dioxide:

We breathe in Oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Thus, when we are exercising or working out, we tend to produce more carbon dioxide. As per the research, different bugs and mosquito react differently to carbon mosquito finds human

Thus, when there is too much carbon dioxide in the air, it gives a sign to mosquito that humans are near. The mosquito then make a way to us and find ways to bite us.

  1. Colors of clothing:

Mosquito are highly attracted to black color. Researchers have failed to know the reason why but, it has been observed that dark-colored clothing attracts mosquito the most. Perhaps, dark corners and hidden places are their bases where they prefer to hide, and thus, this could be one of the reasons why mosquito are attracted to dark-colored clothes.

  1. Alcohol consumption:

According to the researchers, people who consume alcohol attract mosquito more than people who do not. Beer consumers are more prone to mosquito bites than people who do not booze. We do not know how far it is true but, there are mentions by some researchers debating on mosquitoes being attracted to alcoholics.

  1. Experiencing the environment:

As mosquito get experienced and adapted to the environment, their sensory abilities to smell human scents and presence increase. They also understand which human is healthier and possess good-quality blood meals for them. If you consider the average number of mosquito-bitten patients in a specific location, you would know that mosquitoes are capable of finding and biting only a fraction of people within that location and boundaries.

  1. Body smell and scents:

Mosquitoes are highly attracted to human scents and sweaty skin. The sweat and dirt on the body drive the mosquito to humans. Researchers are still finding the reasons behind the magnetism of human smell. One reason for some people making mosquitoes more attracted to them could be due to a certain bacteria on the skin or a specific body odor. Thus, skin bacteria play an important role to attract mosquito.

  1. Water vapor and body heat:

The heat of our body and the water vapor stuck to our skin can be due to the atmosphere and environment. As the mosquito roams around us, it can detect or sense body heat and water vapor. Thus, a mosquito can decide whether it needs to bite you. At a certain desired temperature, mosquito move towards the heat sources. The body heat, body temperature, and water vapor in animals highly vary from humans and so mosquitoes prefer to feed on humans than on animals.

  1. Pregnant women:

Mosquito can find pregnant women sooner than other humans. It is pregnant women carry high body temperature and they also exhale more carbon dioxide compared to other humans. It is one of these reasons why people take all precautions around when they are expecting a baby. Pregnant women are also at higher risk of dengue and the virus can also transmit to the baby in the womb. One must take all the necessary steps to keep mosquito away.

All the above given factors can attract mosquitoes to reach their target to bite.To avoid mosquito bite use mosquito repellents like mosquito killer lamp,mosquito killer bat,mosquito net and many more for instant result for your house.Even you can use some mosquito repellents like mosquito repellent cream,Natural mosquito repellents on you skin ,which are safe for your skin.

Who is at more risk of mosquito bites?

The symptoms of mosquito bites may vary in people of different age groups. However, there are a few common pieces of evidences of mosquito bites. These are redness in the skin, skin rash and bumps, itchiness, swelling, fever, hives, and similar…

The above symptoms are more likely experienced in the below people:

  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • People who have a weak immune system
  • Unhealthier people
  • People who stay in mosquito-prone areas

You must at all times keep a close check on the locations that could be breeding grounds for mosquitoes as well. Most mosquito breed on still water, debris, clogged drains, sinks, gutters, and pet utensils.

People who live in an environment with the below factors can also attract mosquito to them:

  • Open windows
  • Open doors
  • Leftover food and unwashed utensils in the kitchen/sink
  • Water buckets
  • Trashcan
  • Garbage area
  • Backyard
  • Flower pots and more…


If you experience mosquito annoying you more than other people, you must keep an eye on the factors responsible for it. A combination of all or one of these factors makes you more attractive to mosquito. Take all the precautionary steps that you must  invite healthy and happy living. You may also sanitize your house at regular intervals and use mosquito spray ,mosquito bat or inside and outside use that will do just fine to keep mosquito-borne illnesses from you and your loved ones.


How Mosquito Find Us ? To Target

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