How does Mosquito Repellent Work ?

Mosquitoes can interrupt your lifestyle and routine. These are one of the most nagging beings that can prove to be extremely unhealthy for humans.

A house with roaming or hiding mosquitoes is never appreciated and you will be taken aback by your social life. Sometimes the reason why mosquitoes continue to feast in your house could be due to the wrong ways of using mosquito repellents.

It is essential to take a direct action than clues or hints to drive mosquitoes away from your house permanently. Before you understand how to use these repellents, it would be great to know why these are used and how they work in real.chemical in mosquito repellent

How does Mosquito Repellent Work?

Mosquitoes thrive on smell and thus they track their victims down based on their senses to smell. The smell of sweat and dirt attracts them the most. A dirty or sweaty body is a feast to these little blood-sucking creatures. Branded mosquito repellents work on blocking the body smell and confusing the mosquitoes from reaching any closer.

Some repellents have the power of staying on the body for up to four hours and even more. However, you need to choose a repellent that is safe on the skin as well. Continuous usage or overuse can result in skin damage or allergies.

You must know the right quantity and usage of these repellents without compromising on the brand.

Mosquito repellents are available in different forms:

Benefits of using mosquito repellents:

Other than the above, let’s also consider the advantages of using a trusted brand in mosquito repellents. There are plentiful repellents to keep you safe from mosquitoes but choosing the right one matter. You must choose the ones with natural oils or switch to mosquito repellents that are synthetically manufactured and categorized under insecticides.

Let’s understand the benefits of using these in our daily life:

  1. Complete protection:

Mosquito repellents protect you not only indoors but, outdoors too. These offer you complete protection from mosquito bites and offer you risk-free traveling. Regardless of whether you are traveling to the park, woods, mountains, or just taking public transport, you can enjoy safe travel from deadly mosquitoes.

  1. Instant answer to diseases:

The concentrated chemicals in mosquito repellents have proven to be highly effective in keeping fleas, bugs, mosquitoes, and similar beings away. Sprays inside the house are also effective in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Certain mosquito sprays are so effective that they kill the mosquitos instantly providing you with an instant solution.

  1. Prevention from dreadful diseases:

Mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Zika, and similar can be life-threatening. These begin with symptoms like body pain, fever, headaches, tiredness, and more… Thus, mosquito repellents have proved to be highly effective by driving these mosquitoes away and keeping you safe from these dreadful diseases.

Other than the above, there are more advantages to using these mosquito repellents. Users have also stated that they find these repellents with natural oils safe to use on the skin. These also offer your entire house and family complete safety from diseases.

Before you reap the advantages of mosquito repellents, ensure that you are picking the right ones with minimal damage.

Why do people use mosquito repellent?

Mosquito leave behind annoying results such as itchy skin, rashes, and blood. These further transmit into deadly diseases. Sometimes, the results would be nothing however; ignorance can at times give fatal results. Thus, there is a great demand for mosquito repellents by people. oil for mosquito repellent

Protecting self from mosquito means preventing mosquito-borne diseases and preventing them from spreading to others. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure which is true in this case.

Your mosquito repellent must be free of the below to give you maximum benefits:

  1. Minimal use of insecticides:

Switch to mosquito repellents that are natural and contain natural oils. Concentrated insecticides can affect your skin resulting in mild health issues. Some types of repellents such as vaporizers contain harmful chemicals like Pyrethroid and Prallethrin that are known to cause nausea, skin infections, dizziness, irritability, and similar health concerns.

  1. Avoid gels, sprays, and lotion-based repellents:

Even if you ask a health expert, they would suggest the same. These repellents will lose effect sooner than you had expected. You will have to reuse them to see the effect again. Frequent usage can again lead to adverse reactions on the skin. An alternative would help you longer.

  1. Stay away from coils and incense based mosquito repellents:

Again, these will last for longer but they come with side effects as well. Coils and incense-based repellents release smoke and dust. Some research has stated that the smoke produced from these coils can lead to risks of lung cancer. If you are still in favor of using coils, you need to burn these in a properly ventilated area in your house.

Before we conclude the article on mosquito repellents, we would like to answer one of the most common questions and concerns people have regarding mosquito repellents…

How to know if I am using my mosquito repellent properly?

You must always begin spraying the repellent on your clothes at first and in the air. Then spray or apply slowly over your arms and legs. These are two places where the mosquito feed the most. Mosquito bites cannot just be itchy but these could be very annoying as well. No one likes the idea of stepping outside the house with red bumps on the face and body. If you follow the application method properly, you will feel more confident about your travel.


Most people were unaware of the fact that mosquito repellents are not just related to lotions, creams, and ointments; these can be anything that drives mosquitoes away. You can choose any repellent method that fits your lifestyle. All you need is proper planning and method to have a safe and healthy family life from mosquito.

How does Mosquito Repellent Work ?

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