How to Fold Mosquito Net ? After Using It

A mosquito net is the best solution to drive mosquito away from you. These not only keep the mosquito away but also help to keep them safe from other insects, dirt, and dust. Other than traditional ways of tying mosquito nets to the corners, the latest mosquito nets help you to install these in your house with less effort and time. Users have considered these a boon as they offer all-year-round protection from mosquito.

The latest designs of mosquito net for single bed and double bed are easier to open and install. Most of these pop up as soon as you open them. Opening a mosquito net is simple but, closing requires some training manual. In this article, we shall discuss the various steps of folding a mosquito net. Learning the steps will help you to fold a mosquito net with no extra time and effort.

how to fold mosquito net single bed


How to Fold Mosquito Net:

These steps and tricks of closing a mosquito net will come in handy to store your mosquito net when not in use. Following these steps will make life easy by opening and closing a mosquito net.

  1. Find the zippers:

As soon as your mosquito net pops up, in the attached zips. Most mosquito net brands have zippers on both sides. Some even come with a zipper on only one side. Find all the possible zippers and ensure that the net is zipped properly. A zipped net helps to keep it intact than folding or twisting it in the wrong direction.

  1. Pinch the top part of the net:

Lift the middle top of the net by gently pinching the top side. This will help you to fold the sides of the net easily. When you lift the net, you need to grab the corner of the net closer to you with the support of your right hand. The moment you pinch the net’s top, the sides will get the support to fold inwards.

  1. Fold the remaining sides:

This is tricky but, easy to follow. Take the left side of the net with your left hand and the right side with your right hand. Put them together and align the edges. All the four sides must be easily stacked on one another.

  1. Hold the net to fold it:

If you don’t hold the net in the right manner as explained in the above point, the net will not be able to fold properly. You must use the left hand for the left side of the net and the right hand for the right side of the net. The zipper line must be horizontal and must run in the alignment of the net.

  1. Squeezing time for the net:how to fold mosquito net double bed

It is the squeezing time for both sides of the net. With the support of both hands, push the net to bring the edges closer. As you begin squeezing the net, gently force the net downward keeping it a little distant from you. Put the net to the ground while you squeeze the rest of the net. By doing so, you will have three separate round sections.

  1. Use the left hand for the outer edge:

Use the same pinching technique with your right hand while you pull the section that you held with your left hand. The process is followed to line up the edges. You can also use your knee or foot to hold the other section while folding the net.

  1. Grab the top edge of the net:

Similarly, pinch the net with your right hand to pull the pinched section and place the top edge on the other two sections. You may use the same process of folding either with your knee or foot. By following these points, you will now have three equal sides stacked on each other.

  1. Store the net in the bag or case:

Before you slip the net into the bag, place a thick rubber band around the mosquito net so that it holds the same shape as folded. The rubber band should be thick or it will break. It must also have a good stretching capability to fit around the net. A cheap quality or thin rubber band may snap and spoil the net quality.

There are ways of hanging mosquito nets. Once you follow these steps, storing a mosquito net will be easier. Different nets have different ways of folding. Reputed brands also share manuals on how to

store the mosquito net back in its bag. Mosquito nets could be of different shapes, sizes, and varieties depending on the usage. For instance, there are mosquito nets for the garden, car windows, bedroom, kitchen area, drawing room, and more…


How to find the best mosquito net:

Check out the top mosquito nets available online and compare their features between them. Also, find out which type is easier to fold. Choosing a net with easy fold and storage can help you keep the net intact for long even when it is not in use. Foldable mosquito nets are easier to carry for travel too. Most mosquito nets are made of strong polyester net and good quality steel.

Unlike mosquito repellents that spoil your skin, mosquito nets make a better solution to drive mosquito away. You don’t have to bear the smelly repellents any more. These nets work better than coils and electric mosquito lamps. It is one of these reasons why they are considered the oldest yet safest mosquito safety tools.

Let’s discuss some facts related to mosquito nets:

  • Mosquito nets are usually made of fabrics like nylon, cotton, plastic, or polyester. Polyester is considered to be the most used material to make mosquito nets.
  • The net made from polyester is regarded as safe for children. These also keep you protected from dust and dirt.
  • It is also safe to sleep in a mosquito net. These nets assure you good and undisturbed sleep.
  • Most mosquito nets have about 300 holes approximately to ensure proper ventilation inside.
  • These mosquito nets are washable by both hand and washing machine. You must check the washing instructions that come along with the product.



How to Fold Mosquito Net ? After Using It

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