How to Prevent Dengue After Mosquito Bite

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted to humans from infected mosquito bites. The virus can prove to be life-threatening if left untreated. Ignoring the symptoms can make it worse for the person to deal with dengue. Most of us are aware that dengue is caused by the transmission of Aedes Aegypti Mosquito bite and mosquito that carry the same genes as Aedes.

If we discuss the figures, approximately 500,000 people are infected by the Dengue virus and the main areas for dengue include Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Central America, Mexico, and more… It takes about 2 to 7 days for the virus to circulate in the blood. Thus, you need to take immediate action after a mosquito bite. Perhaps, a medical check to the doctor for a mosquito bite will rule out the symptoms and virus threat. how to prevent dengue

Before we consider the core ways of preventing the virus from spreading in the body, let’s consider some common symptoms to keep a close check on dengue.

  • Pain in the eyes
  • Irresistible itching
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Deep skin rash
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Joint pain and muscle pain
  • Any unusual symptom

Sadly, there is no vaccine for dengue to prevent it. Thus, if you have caught the virus, it would be wise to take prompt action and rusk to the medical center.

How can we prevent dengue mosquito?

  1. Keep a mosquito repellent always:

One of the most effective ways to prevent the risks of dengue is to keep a mosquito repellent always handylike mosquito spray,mosquito killer lamp,mosquito cream etc. Apply it wherever and whenever necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you are indoors or outdoors; mosquito can welcome themselves anywhere they see wet areas and breeding spots.

Read the instructions on applying the repellents as most brands will ask you to limit the application to more than three times a day. It is because some contain chemicals that can harm the skin. You can also do a patch test and if you are allergic to ointments and creams, switch to mosquito bands and wipes.

  1. Cover your body covered in mosquito-prone areas:

Mosquito can be present in air-conditioned spaces as well. Yet, the rooms with closed windows and air-conditioned rooms are considered safer than the open rooms. You need to wear covered clothes especially when you travel outsid

how to prevent dengue fever

e or stay in hotel rooms. The lesser you expose your skin, the better your chances to avoid mosquito bites and dengue fever.

Most health experts also advise wearing light color clothing as light colors do not attract the mosquitoes. Usually, long pants and long-sleeved tops or t-shirts would do just fine.

  1. Fix mosquito preventing tools:

You will find plentiful mosquito tools like rackets, bats, coils, incense, killer lamps, nets, etc… in the market to stop and kill mosquitoes of all kinds. These are also called deterrents that prevent dangerous dengue mosquitoes from entering the house. Some deterrents can be allergic to kids so make sure you choose natural and safe products with kids around.

Keep your bedding and cushions clean and use mosquito net as that is the place where mosquito get naughtier to hide and come out at night. You may also follow the natural remedies to drive dengue mosquito away like. A few of these include sticking cloves and lemons around as the most disliked scent by mosquitoes.

  1. Stay away from mosquito breeding grounds and locations:

Like everyone else, mosquitoes also love to settle down. They look for places that they most cherish and these include stagnant pools, still water, flower pots, beds, unwashed dishes, dirty sinks, trash can areas, and dark places.

Unclean floors and a collection of dirt can also invite dangerous dengue mosquitoes to roam around freely in the house. Keep a check on such places and try to avoid traveling to the locations that are more prone to mosquito breeding.

  1. Keep your residence and office well-lit:

Regardless of whether you own a residence or a commercial space, you need to brighten the dark spaces that can invite mosquito to hide. The windows of your base should have proper lights. To add protection you can cover the windows with mosquito curtains, screens, or mosquitonets.

Also, keep your windows and doors closed always. Dengue mosquitoes are difficult to track and trace, thus you need to take care of all the traps to prevent these.

  1. Grasp all the knowledge of dengue fever:

You never know when you will be bitten by an infected mosquito and suffer from the risks of dengue. Thus, gather all the information and knowledge that you can relate to dengue. Seek medical advice immediately and let them know you are bitten by a mosquito.

A mosquito bite inspection will help you understand whether you have risks of dengue or if it is an ordinary mosquito bite.

  1. Keep a check on the symptoms:

Now that you are aware of some of the most common symptoms of the dengue virus, keep a close check on yourself or anyone who is infected with the mosquito bite. If you find any of the symptoms or any unusual reaction in the person’s body, rush them to the hospital immediately.

Immediate medical attention is necessary so that the treatment for dengue (if any) can begin at the earliest. Maintain a record of the reaction for at least 2 to 5 days.

How can we prevent dengue fever after a mosquito bite?

Once you have come in contact with a mosquito and been bitten by them, there are certain precautions that you must take. Follow these for at least the first few days and check if you get any relief from the same.

  • Keep yourself hydrated and have plenty of fluids.
  • Avoid outside food and have fresh homemade food.
  • Clean the infected area and apply a medicated ointment to treat a mosquito bite.
  • Take a paracetamol tablet to control the fever.
  • Seek medical advice as soon as you feel you are bitten by a mosquito.


In cases of dengue, prevention is always better than cure. Although the article covers mainly the topics that have been discussed majorly on the internet, every patient’s body and experience of facing dengue is different. Thus, it would be wise to talk to a medical expert and get your concerns resolved in regarding dengue and other mosquito bites.

How to Prevent Dengue After Mosquito Bite

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