How to use Mosquito killer Lamp ?

Mosquito killer lamps are the trend of the present lifestyle, especially in summers. Those sunbathing, barbecue and hiking activities will no longer give you a chance to think twice before you plan any of these. We know applying many ointments on the body like sunscreen, moisturizer, and mosquito repellent could be annoying; let’s thank the era of technology we are living in. With inventions like mosquito killer lamps, travel seems a lot more exciting and fun than earlier. mosquito killer lamp india

One of the best things about mosquito killer lamps is that you don’t have to torture your skin anymore by applying anything to your body. These lamps are so powerful that they will not allow the mosquitoes to get any closer to you to even smell your skin.

Before we get into the details of how these lamps work, let’s take a look at what are these lamps made of.

Mosquito killer lamp and its technique:

Talking of the typical design, a mosquito killer lamp consists of the following parts:

  • Fluorescent LED light
  • White Light and
  • Metal Grill

The bright white light is for illumination and sometimes you can also use it as a torch for travel. The other fluorescent lights consist of an optical wavelength that drives insects to them. When the insects get attracted to the LED lights and come closer, the high voltage metal net traps these insects and kills them instantly.

That is what exactly a typical mosquito killer lamp would do to insects. These killer lamps are highly preferred by most residents over other types of mosquito repellents. Most brands have a USB charging function for you to carry the lamp easily and conveniently during your travel.

With the types of options in mosquito killer lamps, you will be spoiled for a choice!

How to use Mosquito killer Lamp?

Mosquito killer lamps are used to drive various types of insects such as moths, flies, bees, mosquitoes, and similar flying insects. Let’s understand the setup of a typical mosquito killer lamp. These steps are commonly followed for most mosquito killer lamps set up inside the house or indoors:

  1. Place the lamp at least 1 meter higher from the ground.
  2. Keep the room dark or with minimal lights so that the lamp’s light can function effectively.
  3. Keep the doors and windows closed and do not enter the room for at least 3 hours after the device is turned on.

Things to remember:

  • Avoid placing the device where you find strong ultraviolet rays or under direct sunlight.
  • Also, keep out of reach of small children.
  • Do not move or shake the device when it is connected to the electricity.

To settle your concerns about the radiation and technique, let us clear your fear with this statement that most quality mosquito killer lamps are safe for children and pets.  In fact, these are recommended to use in bedrooms, dining areas, offices, living rooms, and other breeding areas.  These lamps do not emit any powerful or harmful radiation. Moreover, these are easy to clean and rinse.

Although the basic steps to set up these lamps remain the same, there will be minor changes due to different designs, added features, and brands. Another advantage of using these lamps to kill mosquito is that they do not make any noise. Thus, you can expect a sound sleep. Other than indoors, these lamps can let you enjoy outdoor activities like camping, trekking, star-gazing, climbing, mountaineering, camp-fire, and more…

Now that we know the technique and steps to use these effective mosquito-killing magic lamps, let’s also understand the advantages of using them. These advantages will help us understand the reasons why they enjoy a great demand globally.

electric led mosquito killer lamp


  Advantages of electric mosquito killer lamps:

  • One-time investment:

Unlike other mosquito repellents like coils, lotion, ointments, and creams, lamps are a one-time investment. Once you have installed these in the mosquito breeding area, you don’t have to spend on anything else. Even the power-consumption charges are very minimal. Thus, these are highly preferred by people prone to mosquito breeding areas.

  • Cheaper over other repellents:

If you compare ,mosquito killer lamps price with the recurring cost of other mosquito repellents, you would be amazed to know how cheap it would cost you. As stated, being a one-time investment, these can save a lot of money compared to those creams that you have to buy repeatedly over time. Another demerit about mosquito-killing ointments is that these are temporary and do not last long.

  • Effective solution to kill mosquito:

Due to the high voltage metal shield, killer lamps have proven to be highly effective for killing mosquito. These do not drive the little annoying creatures away but burn them to death so that they do not make a breeding ground in your house or commercial space. Thus, these have proved to be more effective than other mosquito repellents.

  • Safe for humans:

Unlike those body creams, coils, and incense that cause skin issues and other health concerns, mosquito killer lamps have known to be safe for humans. They are installed at a distance so these prove to be less harmful to humans and animals. With little precautions as stated earlier, you can enjoy a safe and protected environment from mosquitoes.

  • Easy installation:

With the type of designs and varieties in the market, you will be amazed to know that these lamps can be installed within no time. All you need to do is plug it into the socket or charge it with the USB charger and start using it! There is no rocket science to installing these mosquito-killing lamps.


You don’t need an expert to install mosquito killer lamps; these are pre-assembled and can be immediately put to use. We suggest you go for branded mosquito killer lamps that offer you longer durability. Find a few good companies online and you will be able to make the right choice for your family. For any confusion or clarification on understanding these tools well, you may go through the manual that you receive with these lamps.

How to use Mosquito killer Lamp ?

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