Mosquito Mesh for Windows 2023

You have done all that you could to make your home a better place. It takes a lot of hard work to build a house and it is all worth it when you have peace to live in. By peace, we mean no mosquito disturbance. Mosquito-borne diseases can disrupt healthy living and put you on a health toll. Mosquito mesh can work great on your windows. These not only help prevent mosquitoes but keep other reptiles and insects away mosquito mesh for windows

Many people install mosquito mesh on windows to prevent dirt, dust as well as to allow fresh breeze to flow in all day and night. These are beautifully designed for residential and commercial complexes. Moreover, your property is safe from all those deadly diseases and viruses that mosquitoes are responsible for. These are specifically designed to fit to your windows of different sizes and shapes.

Let’s discuss more reasons why people fix mosquito mesh for windows.

  • Fresh air:

One of the major reasons why people install mosquito net for windows is to allow fresh air in the room. If you reside or work in an area that is prone to reptiles, insects, or mosquito.Mosquito mesh are real problem solvers!

  • Mosquito-free zone:

Mosquitoes can cause threats not only to self but to the entire family and the environment. Blocking them from the entrance helps you with a peaceful living. With the support of mesh, you can prevent mosquito, reptiles, and insects of different kinds.

  • Protection from mosquito-borne diseases:

Mosquitoes are a major reason why mosquito mesh is installed for windows. We already discussed mosquito can infect humans and cause them incurable illnesses. Some deadly diseases that they spread are yellow fever, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika, and more… As we know prevention is always better than cure thus, it is advisable to install mosquito mesh.

 Our Recommended 6 Best Mosquito Mesh for Windows:

Lifekraft’s Window Mosquito Netmosquito mesh for windows price

Window nets make you experience the outside world sitting inside your cosy house or office cabin. These not only protect you from mosquitoes but also give you fresh air throughout. You don’t have to keep your windows closed anymore out of mosquito fear. Window mosquito nets by Lifekraft’s look pretty and add beauty to your house interiors.

These are ready to use and do not require a professional for the installation. It is no rocket science to assemble and install this on the windows. Any layman can do it too! High-quality mosquito nets ensure longer durability and thus, prevent mosquitoes for long. These can be bought as per specific size depending on your windows.

The brand enjoys good reviews and ratings from existing users. Check out the reviews online on the product durability and experience. Lifekrafts is a known brand in mosquito prevention and mosquito-killing tools.

Below are the various types of windows where you can fix mosquito nets easily:

  • Bedroom windows
  • Sliding glass windows
  • Bathroom windows
  • Standard-sized windows
  • Kitchen windows
  • Vertical sliding windows
  • Aluminium windows
  • UPVC sliding
  • Garage screen and garage doors
  • French windows
  • Balcony and more…

Additional features of Lifekrafts Window Mosquito Net. You may compare these details with other brands and make a rational choice between the best mosquito nets for your windows. The mosquito nets for windows must give you protection from dirt, dust, and insects making it worth the purchase.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Self-adhesive border s for quick installation
  • Pre-stitched and ready to use
  • High-quality mosquito net
  • Anti-wrinkle net to give added protection
  • Light-weight fabric
  • Item weight is 300 gm.
  • Product dimensions are 120 x 120 x 1 cm.
  • Available in customized sizes on request
  • Available in Black, Grey, and White colors
  • 120 GSM Fiberglass insect protection net


  • Hygienic environment
  • Self-installation
  • Product has good reviews and ratings
  • Complete protection from mosquito
  • Breathable windows
  • Doesn’t require professional
  • Keeps annoying insects away


  • Measurement may vary
  • Some experience is needed for cutting

Home Concept’s ready to use fiberglass mosquito nets for windowsmosquito mesh for windows and doors

Home Concept is a prestigious brand that deals with various gadgets and tools. Their mosquito nets are durable, strong, and flexible. Moreover, these are easy maintenance. If you follow certain guidelines on installing them, you can fix it by yourself. Mosquito can make life havoc. Furthermore, it is devastating to see lizards and flies roaming around when you have guests around. Moreover, it gets embarrassing if you offer them mosquito repellents every time they visit your house or office.

Thus, a mosquito net is the best solution for windows and doors to drive mosquito away. You can safely keep your windows and doors open and allow fresh breeze in the rooms throughout the day and night. Home Concept’s mosquito nets will have fixing instructions that you can follow and start using the net immediately.

Their mosquito nets are pre-stitched that comes with a 20 mm self-adhesive tape hook tape. However, remember that these nets can be fixed on plain surfaces like tiles, granite, steel windows, aluminium windows, wooden windows, and similar materials…

Additional features of Lifekraft’s Window Mosquito Net. You may compare these details with other brands and make a rational choice between the best mosquito nets for your windows. The mosquito nets for windows must give you protection from dirt, dust, and insects making it worth the purchase.


  • Flexible and washable
  • 20 mm self-adhesive hook tape
  • Easy to fix and assemble
  • Product is made in India
  • Available in grey color
  • Product weight is 500 gm.
  • Product dimensions are 15 x 15 x 5 cm.
  • Complete protection from dirt, dust, mosquitoes, and other insects
  • Package contains fiberglass net, self-adhesive hook tape, and a cutter


  • One solution for dirt, dust, mosquitoes
  • Cheaper than other brands
  • Time-saving installation
  • Hand or machine wash
  • Easy maintenance
  • Accustomed sizes as per requirement
  • Value-added product


  • Not meant for rough surfaces and walls
  • Can easily damage

Shahji Fiber Mosquito Nets for Windows mosquito mesh for windows online india

Shahji creation offers you a Valcro model in window nets. Their mosquito nets are made of steel frames giving your windows added protection and strength. These are highly preferred by people who have wooden window frames or plain surfaces. The strong fabric doesn’t allow wear and tear that easily. These are highly durable and easy to carry too. Thus, you can carry it without any third party support.

You don’t need professional experience or guidance to install these. Any layman can set it up with little instructions. The nylon material does not allow even tiny insects to enter from the windows. Thus, you can expect complete protection from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. Consider every detail as mentioned below before buying the product.

If you reside in an area that is exposed to mosquitoes; mesh for windows is a must. You don’t want any deadly diseases to come any closer to your family or friends, do you? Thus, prevention is better than cure. All you need to do is stick it to the window frames. The company majorly deals with mosquito nets for windows, doors, beds, and more… Take a look at the additional features of the product.

These details are also available on the link mentioned and you can compare the product with other brands before making the final decision.


  • The net material is nylon.
  • The package includes one mosquito net and a striker tape.
  • Comes with already stitched Velcro to the net.
  • Available in white color.
  • Item weight is 300 gm.
  • Product dimensions in L x W x H are 20 x 10 x 4 cm.
  • Lightweight to carry and assemble.
  • No professional installation required.
  • Factory stitched product.
  • Ideal for office and residence.


  • Good quality product
  • Low maintenance
  • DIY product
  • Great fabric in mosquito nets
  • Quick installation
  • Mosquito protection
  • Dirt and Dust protection


  • Poor adhesive as per users
  • Better brands available
  • Average reviews

Netfly Fiber Glass Mosquito Net in Black for Windows pleated mosquito mesh door

One best thing about Netfly mosquito nets is that these are available in several colors to add beauty to your interiors. Thus, you don’t have to restrict yourself to buying with limited color options. It is a perfect solution to stop mosquito from entering your house or office. The mesh helps to prevent mosquito and even small insects. The best part about the mesh by Netfly is the heat resistance feature. These are washable nets and can be reused after washing.

The mosquitoes are made of fiberglass and thus can be installed like a part of windows naturally. These are also ideal for balconies and ventilators to prevent reptiles and other insects out. The mesh helps prevent mosquitoes without blocking the air flow. You don’t have to rely on those harmful chemical-based coils and mosquito killer lamps. The mesh prevents mosquito from entering, giving priority to prevention than cure. The brand is trusted as it is manufactured by Mittal Mat Company.

Also check additional features of Netfly Fiber Glass Mosquito Net for Windows. Compare the product with other brands before choosing the final one.


  • A protective solution from dirt, dust, and mosquito.
  • Helps keep lizards and cockroaches away too.
  • Custom sizes available to adjust to your windows and balconies.
  • The package includes unstitched mosquito net, 1 normal loop, 1 cutter, and 1 adhesive hook sticker.
  • Product dimensions are 10 x 10 x 10 cm.
  • The product weight is 250 gm.
  • Custom sizes are available as per requirements.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Nylon material.
  • The length of net is 5 to 6 feet long.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be installed to doors too.


  • Trusted brand in the market
  • Self-installation
  • DIY product
  • Value for money
  • Product made in India


  • Weak adhesive
  • Average reviews
  • Not pre-stitched
  • Requires proper measurement to stitch and cut

UR Little Shop Mosquito Mesh for Windows (Stitched)

aluminium mosquito mesh

Ready-to-use mosquito mesh by UR Little Shop is a one-stop solution for all your mosquito concerns. You don’t have to fear anymore of deadly names like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, etc… With these nets you don’t have to rely on mosquito-killing coils, incense, and repellents. These contain harmful chemicals and may leave behind a lot of side-effects. Thus, prevention is always better than precaution and cure.

UR Little Shop’s mosquito nets have good reviews and credibility online. You may check the reviews to make a comparison with other similar brands. These ready-to-use mosquito nets are stitched and do not require third-party support for installation. The product easily fits to your windows if you know the dimensions well. The adhesive is of high-quality that would accompany your windows for long. Another advantage of buying this is the various options in colors. Don’t stick to the old typical colors for your windows and get something trendy.

We suggest you check more details as suggested below to be firm on your decision for mosquito nets for windows.

Additional features of UR Little Shop Mosquito Mesh for windows and doors. Compare the product with other brands before choosing the final one.


  • One solution for mosquitoes, lizards, and cockroaches.
  • Also keeps dirt and dust away.
  • Made of PVC coated fiber glass mosquito net.
  • Ideal for balconies, windows, pigeon nets, and doors.
  • Easy to setup and remove.
  • Can be reused.
  • Can be washed.
  • DIY product and can be self-installed.
  • 20 mm heavy quality adhesive.
  • Ideal for aluminium, wooden, and steel window frames.
  • Product dimensions are 35 x 47 inches.
  • Available in grey color.
  • Product weight is 350 gm.


  • Prevents mosquito-borne diseases
  • Value added product
  • Stitched net from the manufacturer
  • Customized sizes available
  • More color options
  • Bulk order available
  • Self-installation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Trusted brand


  • Adhesive may give up
  • Better brands available

Stitched Mosquito Nets for Windows by Sharabani (with Adhesive hook sticker)

mosquito mesh net

Sharabani mosquito nets are one of its kinds to prevent mosquitos. Unlike other mosquito prevention and killing tools, these are harmless and have no side-effects. Moreover, the maintenance of these nets is easy. Most manufacturers

give you the option to hand wash or machine-wash these. One of the best parts of the brand is that the company is giving you warranty. You may also check reviews of existing users and come to a final conclusion for your buying decision. The brand enjoys good reviews on their mosquito nets for windows by existing users. As the product is made in India, the brand can be trusted on durability too.

Mosquito nets are essential especially when you fear mosquito presence in the location of your commercial space or residence. You don’t wish to put anyone’s life in risk due to mosquito-borne diseases, do you? These not only keep the mosquitos, but insects of different types and lizards too. One advantage of mosquito nets is that these are light-weight, save space, and can be customized as per your window type and sizes.

Also check more features of Stitched Mosquito Nets for Windows by Sharabani. You may compare the product with other brands.


  • Fiber glass mosquito mesh .
  • Ideal to prevent mosquito, insects, and reptiles.
  • Proper flow of air and ventilation.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to maintain.
  • Net dimensions are 2.4/3.7 feet.
  • Strong adhesive hook tape (200 gm.).
  • Product is made in India.
  • Can be installed on windows of different types and sizes.
  • Available in black color.
  • Pre-stitched mosquito net.
  • 1 year warranty on the product by the manufacturer.
  • Item weight is 250 gm.


  • Strong adhesion
  • One-stop solution for mosquitoes, reptiles, and insects
  • Low-maintenance
  • Prevention of mosquito-borne diseases
  • Peaceful sleep hours
  • Budget-friendly net for windows


  • Delicate net
  • Prone to cat and rat bites
  • Not fireproof
  • Can easily damage

Benefits of mosquito mesh for windows

Mosquito nets are one of the most traditional methods of preventing mosquitoes. These are highly effective in keeping mosquitoes outside the house and not get any nearer to you or your family. Mosquito net for windows provide total safety from mosquito-borne diseases and other infections. The nets are one of the most affordable ways for protecting the house from mosquitoes.sliding mosquito mesh

Mosquito nets act like a barrier and prevent you from mosquito bites, stings from flies, bugs, and other viruses. The technology has advanced for good and thus, mosquito nets are available for windows of all types and sizes. These are suitable for residential and commercial properties.

  1. Safety from mosquito-borne diseases:

Mosquito nets on windows protect you from deadly diseases caused from mosquito bites.

  1. Protection from sun heat and sun rays:

The nets are also added protection from sun heat and sun rays.

  1. Fresh air and breeze:

You don’t have to close the windows in fear of mosquito. The nets prevent them and allow fresh air throughout the day and night.

  1. No risk of insecticides and harmful chemicals:

Unlike other mosquito killing tools, the nets are safe with children and pets around. No risk of insecticides and harmful chemical based coils and repellents.

  1. Peaceful sleep and nights:

Expect peaceful sleep and nights in a mosquito-free zone by installing these mosquito nets on your doors and windows.

FAQs related to Mosquito Nets for Windows:

  1. Can windows mesh be installed on UPVC windows and doors?
  • Yes, the meshes are flexible and can be customized as per the size of UPVC doors and windows.


  1. Will mosquito nets abrupt the air flow from the windows?
  • No, the mosquito net fabric is made to prevent pesky insects and mosquitoes. It will certainly stop the mosquitoes but the air and light penetrate easily through these nets.


  1. What is the lifespan of mosquito mesh ?
  • Technically, a manufacturer offers 1 year warranty on any damages on mosquito net. However, the maximum lifespan of a mosquito net is 3 years.


  1. Are there any side-effects of installing mosquito nets on windows?
  • Mosquito nets do not contain any strong insecticides or chemicals. Even if you smell something weird from the net, these nets can be machine or hand washed.


  1. Are mosquito nets fire resistant?
  • No, mosquito nets can catch fire. Thus, you will have to protect them from open fires, cigarettes, candles, and smoking area.


  1. Will mosquito nets damage my windows?
  • Choosing a branded and good-quality window mesh will take this worry away from you. Buy a well-designed mosquito net for windows that will not spoil your windows and solve the purpose of keeping mosquito out.


  1. On what types of windows can mosquito mesh be installed?
  • Mosquito mesh can be installed on various types of windows. These are also available in customized sizes too. Wooden, iron, UPVC, and aluminium are few types of windows that can fit these meshes well.

Most windows mesh can easily fit into all types of windows and doors. All you need to do is get the right measurement. Now that you know you don’t need a professional for the installation; anyone can install these. The mesh is the best solution to keep mosquito away. Most manufacturers have a dedicate team of professionals to answer your queries. Thus, do not feel hesitant to reach out to them for any queries or concerns you may have.

Check every detail and description about these meshes before you make the final decision on buying them. There are oodles of varieties of mosquito meshes available in the market so don’t be confused about the final choice. You must find out the objective of mesh installation on your windows. Mosquito nets are a healthier solution to prevent mosquitoes in the house and you must go for it!


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