Why Mosquito Bites at Night ? While Sleeping

Mosquitoes can be a great nuisance in life. They not only keep the environment unhealthy but also disrupt the entire lifestyle giving you sickening life. Some mosquito-borne diseases and viruses can be dreadful. Few to name and be aware of include West Nile Virus, Dengue, Malaria, and more… Other than the viruses, mosquitoes’ bites can be most annoying even if they prove to be harmless in many cases. We must know the right time and places where mosquitoes are more active.

Once you are aware of the mosquito bite timings, you can follow the right solutions and steps to drive them away from you and your property. Despite the facts and timings of mosquitoes, it would be wise to stay indoors use mosquito net on windows and doors and avoid places that are known for mosquito settlements.

Why do Mosquito Bite at Night?

Not all mosquitoes would bite you only at night; some are highly active in the daytime too. It is because they could be bloodthirsty for humans and thus, they cannot wait until dawn to come out for the supper. Using a mosquito repellent and installing a mosquito trap could be helpful only when you know the right time of the same.

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Considering the 176 species of mosquitoes in the world, the habits and activity times may vary in species. As discussed, some are highly active in the daytime whereas some enjoy wandering and hunting at dusk, dawn, and night. For most species of mosquitoes, their highest activity period is during dusk hours. Thus, we always advise staying away from greenery, shady areas, and water bodies.

Mosquito avoid daylight and they love cool temperatures for hunting down humans. Thus, they find shade and nighttime the best period to bite. Another core reason for the biting at night time is sun exposure that dehydrates and kills them. Thus, most mosquitoes hide in shades and darker areas during the daytime and come out at night.

How to keep mosquito away at night?

It is essential to take the necessary steps to drive mosquito away as once they enter your house; they will repeatedly bite you throughout the night. Most mosquitoes are highly active during summers as the heat dehydrates them and they become thirstier for human blood. Some known species of mosquitoes either die in the cold season or go to hibernation mode.

Summer is the season for most mosquito activities; however, it doesn’t make them inactive in the other months. Some countries notice mosquito bites throughout the year. Another thing to notice is the place that becomes home for mosquito to settle. Few common homes for mosquito to remember are salt marshes, still water, farming plots, bogs, windows, beds, flower pots, and muddy areas.

Avoid going for a walk near ponds and parks at night time as these places could be safe for mosquitoes but, unsafe for you. If you have to travel anyway in the nighttime, apply a good and effective mosquito repellent on the exposed skin areas.

Below are some more ways to avoid mosquito bites at night time: which mosquito bite

  1. Shut the windows and doors:

You may feel like taking some sunshine during the daytime, but the night is all about privacy from the neighbors and the mosquitoes. Shutting the windows and doors right before the sunset will help you from keeping the mosquito away. You can also use mosquito mesh for windows and doors for protection from mosquitoes. No mosquito in the house give no mosquito bites!

  1. Avoid traveling after dusk:

Unless necessary, avoid traveling at night. Night travels make you more prone to mosquito bites. It is because mosquito love to wander at night too! They are hungry and starving at night thus these mosquitoes do not leave any stone unturned to conquer their thirst with human blood. Most of us are aware that it is the female mosquitoes that bite humans and suck blood.

  1. Eat healthy and maintain hygiene:

Eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle keeps you away from all the annoying mosquito-borne illnesses. Foods such as tomatoes, beans, and lentils act as natural mosquito repellents and consuming these regularly creates mask-like protection from mosquito bites. If your immune system is great, you can tolerate a mosquito bite that isn’t that deadly. But, it doesn’t mean you need to walk carefree; mosquitoes need the right sign to stay away from you.

  1. Carry proper mosquito tools:

Traveling can be exciting and thrilling if you have the right tools to avoid mosquito bites. You never know what area is a habitat for most species of mosquitoes. Thus, carrying mosquito repellent and a mosquito net would be the wisest decision. Mosquito repellents can be made at home too with the support of some common ingredients that are easily available in most countries. Gladly, technology has advanced to an extent that you will be spoiled for a choice in picking mosquito-killing tools.

  1. Prepare yourself before mosquito season:

Now that you are aware of the mosquito season, prepare your property and yourself to fight back all the bugs and mosquitoes. Set up mosquito nets, install mosquito killer lamps at home, keep your garden and backyard clean, and remove all the garbage when you can, especially the wet garbage. For any small openings and cracks through doors and windows, you must get them filled immediately. Mosquito can enter even through small openings.

Things to remember:

Battling mosquito is fun when you see no battle at all. It is because you are prepared to scare and drive them away beforehand. You can also increase your mosquito killing rate by seeking professional help. Some professionals are qualified to disinfect and sanitize the house regularly with mosquito spray on contract or on request.

As you trap more mosquito, you are limiting the eggs laid by them too. Moreover, you will keep your family protected all the time. For any concerns related to mosquito-borne illnesses due to mosquito bites, seek the advice of a medical expert only. Never ignore any mosquito bite as you never know which mosquito bites are deadly and what are harmless.

Why Mosquito Bites at Night ? While Sleeping

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